Saturday, January 13th – Sunday, January, 21st 2018

Click here to download this week’s bulletin I am glad to share with you the good news of my traveling to Peru, South America, January 17, 2018, to attend the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Foundation of the Missionary Society of St. James the Apostle, established by the then Archbishop of Boston, Richard Cardinal Cushing. As you surely know this Missionary Society, whose present director is Fr. David Costello, has its headquarters at our St. Stephen Rectory. I am also scheduled to attend the Papal Mass that the Holy Father is going to celebrate in the capital city of Lima. The North End has been blessed with the presence of so many members of St. James Society. Besides Fr. David, I fondly remember Fr. Bob Thomas, Msgr. Finbarr O’Leary, Fr. Kevin Hayes, Fr. Milton Eggerling, Fr. Pat Universal. Bishop Robert Hennessey was also a member of the Society. They were all active contributors to the ministry of our Parish. Their Mission field now restricted to Peru alone, used to include Ecuador and Bolivia. For 60 years, so many priests from the USA and other English-speaking countries spent five or more years in one of those countries building up parishes, schools, community centers, etc., to advance evangelization, health, education, and all kinds of activities to alleviate the poverty and promote the human development of thousands of natives of those countries. We applaud them for their Mission zeal and extend to them our congratulations for their multi-faceted accomplishments. I ask you to extend to them the support of your prayers and any possible financial assistance. If you wish to send a message of congratulations to the Society or any financial contribution, please forward it to the
Society Director, Fr. David Costello, St. Stephen
Church, 24 Clark Street, Boston, MA 02109.

May God bless you for sharing in the Mission of the church carried out by such generous, dedicated priests.

Fr. Antonio Nardoianni, OFM