Saturday, December 16th – Sunday, December 24th

Click here to download this week’s bulletin. May God be with them and grant them comfort and peace. The restoration of the church building is now complete. A new and more important project awaits us: the rebuilding of our faith community, the living church with Christ as its cornerstone. We are the living temple of God and our foundation must be Jesus Christ and His gospel. As members of His Body, we are called to reflect the radiance of Christ’s truth and love by living a life that strives to imitate Jesus and allowing ourselves to be shaped by His teachings. We ought to bring the Holy Communion that we celebrate in church into our daily efforts to be in communion with one another. As disciples of the Lord, we must be recognized by the love and concern that we have for one another. We first must evangelize ourselves by taking advantage of every opportunity that the diocese and parish offer. We must come to know the scriptures more deeply, be-cause ignorance of the scriptures is ignorance of Christ. We must identify with the poor, the needy, the lonely, and the sick in our midst to show our solidarity. Faith without works of charity is dead. We should offer our gifts when we congregate to celebrate the Divine Mysteries to enhance our celebrations and offer to God our sacrifice of praise. Father Flavin, our Episcopal Vicar who celebrated and preached at all Masses two Sundays ago, told us that the easy part of our dream has been accomplished. The most demanding and exciting one, the building of the church, the Body of Christ, is still ahead of us. My hope and prayer are that we invest the same enthusiasm and generosity we showed in the restoration of the Church building as we face our next task: becoming more aware of what we already are, disciples of Jesus and living stones of His Body.

May God bless us all with the joy of being His Sons and Daughters in union with His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.