Saturday, April, 8 – Sunday, April 15th

Click here to download this week’s bulletin. Today the Holy Week begins. This is the most solemn week in the calendar year of the Church and a very special time to turn to Jesus and to be with Him during the last days of His earthly life.

Everything that happens this week speaks of love and mercy. To the cruelty of his persecutors Jesus offers His words of forgiveness. To Judas who betrays Him, He reminds that love is more important than money. To Peter who renegades Jesus, He responds with a gaze of compassion. For those who sentence Him to death and the soldiers who execute this most unjust and horrendous sentence, He intercedes with His Father: “Forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.” To the apostles and to each one of us Jesus washes the feet and through the shedding of His blood washes away our sins. Christ, by his Passion, death, and resurrection brings hope and life to all who have been subdued and conquered by the evil one and to those who welcome His Gospel, He promises true happiness and peace.

This Holy Week challenges each of us to accept His offer. We are Pilate, the high Priest, the frightened disciples, the soldiers, the crowd who screamed, “Crucify Him, Crucify Him.” But the grace of this week can make of us a repentant Peter, a transformed Thomas, one of the pious women who followed Him to Calvary, or a converted Paul who had first persecuted Christ and His Body, the Church. The grace of Christ can make great Saints out of the worst sinners. Are we going to allow our Lord to change us during this Holy Week?

Have a blessed Palm Sunday and a fruitful Holy Week.