Saturday, April, 15th – Sunday, April 23rd

Click here to download this week’s bulletin and see photos of the construction! As we celebrate once again the blessed resurrection of our Lord we give praise and glory to Christ who conquered sin and death and through the paschal sacraments causes us to pass from sin to grace and from death to life. We congratulate and offer prayers for our Catechumens Galina, who has received the Sacraments of Christian Initiation during the solemn Easter Vigil and Robert, who has been welcomed into the Catholic family and received the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion during the same celebration. Please support them by your prayers and good example.

My gratitude goes also to their catechist, John Monaco, who has done a great job in preparing them for this very special event in their lives. Many more people need to be recognized: first of all my brother priests who have shared in each of these wonderful celebrations of the Holy Week, the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Lectors, Ushers, Alter Services, Music Directors , Choirs and Instrument Players, those who have so tastefully decorated the church for Palm and Easter Sundays, the many people who work so hard to promote the ongoing restoration of Saint Leonard Church, and all of you for your spiritual and financial support of the Parish.

As you all know, Saint Leonard Church has been under restoration since the beginning of the year, and it will not be finished until Christmas time. We are blessed with three beautiful churches here in the North End of Boston, but our ability to maintain them is very challenging. The undergoing restoration project of Saint Leonard’s will cost the parish $3.2 million of which we have already set aside $1.5 million thanks to the generosity of outstanding benefactors. As you can see, we still need $1.7 million to fully fund this project. At the end of every Mass this weekend, a brochure with a return envelope will be handed out to you. Please make a prayerful consideration to help us restore Saint Leonard Church and properly maintain Sacred Heart Church. I know you all love these beautiful churches, and it is our intention to keep them for future generations as a beacon of faith and devotion. We ask you to help us, to the best of your ability, and to invite others to join effort in making this dream come true. Your help is vital to preserve these churches. May the peace and joy of the Risen Christ fill your hearts and homes, and may we all be messengers of hope and life that spring from the mystery of Christ’s resurrection.


Have a blessed Easter.
Fr. Antonio, ofm, Fr. Claude, ofm & the Parish Staff