The Sacraments

Come experience Christ’s love through the ministry of the Church and be renewed and strengthened by The Sacraments.

EucharistEucharist: The Eucharist is the central Sacrament of the Church.  It is the “sacrifice” of the mass–a time of communal and public prayer when we as a body of believers gather together in faith and encounter God. In this celebration, we believe that Christ is truly present, that He comes to us in the “breaking of the bread.”  This is our spiritual food!  Prepare your heart and come share in His blessings!

BaptismBaptism: Through Water and the Spirit we are made new (Jn3:5). Whether as a young child or a full grown adult, the Sacrament of Baptism frees the soul from sin and provides the graces to live a faith-filled life. All Catholics are called to Baptism and choosing to be baptized or to baptize your child is a major decision and a sign that you are dedicated to guiding your child, living your life in the ways of God and His Church.

ConfessionConfession: Christ gave His Church and its Ministers the power and obligation to forgive sins (Jn 20: 22-23).  As people of faith we welcome the opportunity to be “washed clean” from our sins and pursue a greater life of holiness and faith.  All Catholics are encouraged to go to Confession at least monthly.  Is it time to let go of your sins?  Christ died to set you free. Come experience His love in this powerful sacrament.

MatrimonyMatrimony: The Sacrament of Matrimony is a beautiful reflection of the love of Christ for His bride the Church.  Even as Christ died for each of us, so a husband and wife are called to sacrifice for each other and to embrace each other with gentleness, compassion, and self-service.  Are you ready for that challenge?

Engaged couples who wish to be married in the Church must contact the parish office at 617-523-2110 and speak with the priest 6 months in advance. You will then be guided through the spiritual time of preparation before your nuptials!

Holy Order/Religious LifeHoly Orders/Religious Life: God calls each of us to discipleship. Whether as single, married, or entering the religious life we all have vocations. Every Catholic man and woman should spend time in reflection and heed God’s call! What has God called you to do? Explore your vocation further here or through St. Leonard’s Church.


Anointing of the SickAnointing of the Sick Are you, or someone you know, sick, in the hospital, or in special need of visitation? Call the parish office at 617-523-2110 to schedule a visit and most importantly to receive the Sacrament of the Sick! If you would like to be involved in the visitation of the sick,  contact us. Together we can bring the love of Christ to those most in need.