Saturday,October 7th – Sunday, October 21st

Click here to download this week’s bulletin.  Dear Parishioners and Benefactors: To see the Church Restoration coming close to the end is a source of great joy and well-deserved satisfaction to all those who took at heart this major project. Among them I wish to list Peter Moschetto, the Engineer assigned to us from the Archdiocese, who has faithfully been checking that every detail of the construction/renovation contract would be properly executed; our Parishioner, Landy Germano, who has spent and is still spending countless hours to supervise the day-to-day operation and advises me whenever an important decision has to be made; next, I wish to single out among the many who have been very supportive of this project, Carmen Di Flumeri of the Di Flumeri Ceramic Tile and Marble for the fantastic work he is doing in placing a new tile floor in our Church.

Thinking of financing this project, I owe a great deal of gratitude to Tony Cotrupi, a good friend of the Parish and mine, whose knowledge and expertise in marketing has been pivotal in promoting our fundraising. We have not reached our goal yet, but more donations are still coming in. We are grateful to all those who have already made their generous contribution to this worthy cause and invite the other Parishioners and Benefactors to do so at their earliest convenience.

Last, I wish to acknowledge Philip’s Salon, its owner, Marisa, and all its employees who creatively organized a Hair Cut-a-thon to contribute to the funding of our project by offering the proceeds of this activity to the Church. We are very grateful to Marisa and all the employees of Philip’s Salon.In the midst of all these activities, we had to face the retirement of the secretary, Donna, who moved to California and the resignation of the bookkeeper of the Parish. We will never thank our faithful volunteers enough, who have added more hours and efforts to supply and fill as much as possible those unfilled positions. My thanks go in a special way to Mary Baldwin, Silke Evans, Sandra Caso, Camille Colangelo, and Landy & Rose Marie Germano. Pray that we will soon find one or two individuals to fulfill the roles of Office Manager and Business Manager.

God bless.