Saturday, January 21st – Sunday, January 29th

Click here to download this week’s bulletin. It is exciting to see how quickly the restoration project is progressing. Right now, they started restoring the stucco and priming the columns and the ceiling for the final painting. Meanwhile the plywood is being installed throughout the subfloor of the church in order to be paved with porcelain tiles. We are waiting for the electric company and the clerestory glass windows restorers to begin working. It seems that everything is proceeding well so far, and I ask for your prayers that we will all be able to enjoy a successful completion of this project. At the same time a fund-raising strategy is being researched to properly appeal to our parishioners and benefactors to financially support this endeavor of ours. In due time, we will appeal to your generosity to make an extraordinary contribution toward this worthy cause according to your means. Please keep in mind that we have received this church as a great gift from past generations, and we wish to preserve and pass it on to the next generations. Thank you for all you do for your parish, spiritually and financially