April20_SXSU_EasterSummer! The Summer time is always the busiest time in the North End. People from all over the world come to walk in the serenity of our Peace Garden and share in our Masses. Our website and Facebook page is a testament to our Parish’s diversity and worldwide reach as people from Germany, Brazil, Italy, and Salvador visit our site and follow our Facebook page. They belong to a growing, passionate, dedicated community that values family, tradition, and the hospitality of a beloved community.

This Summer, as with every season, we invite all visitors to come and make us part of your personal history; attend Mass in the church of your grandfather and grandmother, your aunts, uncles, your brothers, and sisters. Reconnect with them through walking where they walked, loved as they loved, and through them and replenish your personal connection with God.

Come and enjoy the hospitality of the North End. Pause and reconnect with your past and be part of our future.

All are welcome as a brother and a sister. God Bless and have a wonderful Summer.

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