Saturday, November 22nd – Sunday, November 30th

Click here to download this week’s bulletin DearCompletion_of_repoint_sxchu_Nove23 Parishioners and Benefactors, May the Lord give you peace!

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when we remember in a special way all our friends and benefactors. I would like to take this opportunity to convey to you the deep gratitude I share with my confre?res for your constant support of the ministries of the friars here at St. Leonard’s and throughout the world. We are grateful to you for showing your appreciation of our efforts to respond to the spiritual and temporal needs of many and for helping us in meeting our financial responsibilities. Whether it be through a donation for a candle lit in memory of a loved one, for an engraved brick to honor a family member or a friend, the request of a Holy Mass to be celebrated for one’s special intention or a prayer to be said for personal or family needs, an offering made to help us feed the poor or spread the Good News of Christ to our world, you are among those who are to be credited for any good work that we friars may do on behalf of the Church, in the spirit of our beloved founder St. Frances of Assisi.

I am happy to share with you the good news that the restoration of the exterior of St. Leonard Church is now complete. Meanwhile we are planning the restoration of the interior that, given the huge scope of the work and related costs, can only be tackled in phases. We trust that every one of our parishioners and friends will be behind us in the efforts to restore our church to its original splendor.

As we celebrate the Holy Eucharist on Thanksgiving Day, be assured of our special remembrance of you and your loved ones. We all know that our Lord is never outdone in generosity and He “will fully supply whatever you need, in accordance with His glorious reaches in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4, 19). He and He alone can adequately reward your goodness to us. May you and those dear to you be blessed with His gifts of peace, health and prosperity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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