Saturday, October 18th – Sunday, October 26th

free_images_Oct19Click here to download this week’s bulletin Each year at tax time, we conscientiously give “to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” Does my stewardship indicate that I am as faithful about giving “to God what belongs to God”? See Matthew 22:21

Our second collection today supports World Missions. The bishops’ pastoral letter on stewardship reminds us, “Jesus not only calls people to him but also forms them and sends them out in his service. Being sent on a mission is a consequence of being a disciple.”

We are still in October, the month of the Holy Rosary and the month during which the Church prays in a special way for its missionaries. Could you commit yourself to recite this beautiful prayer every day including in your intentions all the missionaries, priests, religious, and lay people, who are spreading the good news of Christ in today’s world?