Saturday, May 28th – Sunday, June 5th

grape-vine-1320436-1598x1061Click here to download this week’s bulletin. May 29 ~ Solemnity of the Most Holy Blood and Body of Christ “Eucharist” is from the Greek word meaning gratitude, thanksgiving. Today we celebrate this great gift that Jesus gave us. He promised that He would be with us always, and He left us the sacrament of His Body and Blood. Do I know how great this gift is? Do I take it for granted; get to Mass a bit late? leave after Communion? Consider Who I am receiving. Consider what Jesus calls me to be and to do.

Holy Communion is most definitely ‘take out’ food: we are called to receive Jesus and then take that gift and bring Him out to everyone we meet. Holy Communion is very definitely NOT fast food: Body of Christ. Amen. And then out the side door.

Find a Mass time that allows you to stay until the last note of the recessional! Consider the give of the Eucharist. Give yourself time to provide thanks and take that gift to others.