Saturday, July 26th – Sunday, August 3rd

July27_restoration_freeimagesClick here to download this week’s bulletin. We continue the long overdue restoration project of Saint Leonard Church. The first phase, comprising re-pointing of the bricks, windows and roof repairs, is well underway. Though we do not have the final figures, we know that to bring this project to completion will take much more money than the Parish can raise. We appeal to everyone, visitors and tourists included, to offer whatever you can to help us preserve for future generations this magnificent and peace-filled sacred edifice that stands as a fitting monument to the faith of past generations.

No donation is too big given the scope of the overall project. No donation is too small not to deserve our gratitude and daily remembrance in our prayers. At the entrance of the church you will find envelopes marked “Restoration Fund.” You can also donate electronically. Please check this bulletin for instructions.

Thank you for your generous response!