Saturday, October 25th – Sunday, November 2nd

The SacramentsClick here to download this week’s bulletin.   All Saints Day.   On November 1, we celebrate the beautiful Feast of All Saints. The central event of the whole Church liturgical year is the Resurrection of Christ. The purpose of all the events in Christ’s life from his conception to the Resurrection and Ascension and Pentecost is to make saints. That is also the purpose of the Church: to make people holy. Today’s feast is the feast of the identity of the Church, of her sacred personality. For a Church that does not make saints is not a Church. What is a saint? First, we should understand that saints are not born, but we are made saints. We are all born potentially to become saints. Christ himself and only Christ can change sinners into saints by the power of the Holy Spirit. The only difference between ourselves who are not saints and the saints is that they are people who by responding generously to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit are continually picking themselves up after sinning, continually repenting until they obtain holiness. Holiness is the utter devotion to God, the confession of Christ before men, the taking up of one’s cross and following Him. It is this devotion of which Jesus speaks in the Gospel which is above devotion to husband or wife, father or mother,brother or sister,son or daughter.

We have already said that the purpose of the Church is to make Saints and the characteristics of the saints are also those of the Church. At every Sunday liturgy we profess our faith in which we confess that we believe in the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic church. These words which define the church, one, holy, catholic and apostolic, are also words that define the saints.

Every liturgical celebration is a source of special graces for us and a powerful reminder to live fully our Baptismal commitments. We are all called to imitate our holy brothers and sisters whom we celebrate today. Holiness is not a privilege of a few – it is a universal call to be answered by every true disciple of Christ.